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Want to rent a beagle? He is a hottie magnet!

Been thinking of getting a dog but, not completely sure? Or have you had a dog in the past and missing having one around? Need an excuse to get out and walk more? HAVE WE GOT THE DOG FOR YOU!

Bo is an awesome sort-of-a-beagle with a super mellow temperament. The pictures show him off in his natural element - lying on the couch, lying on the floor, lying on a chair, and staring at stuff. But he can be active; he will run and fetch a play toy up to three (3) whole times before getting distracted (SQUIRREL!). He knows three tricks: "Paw", "Other Paw", and "????" (sort of a manly hopping dance, like a 7th grade boy). He will also totally follow commands.*

He's low maintenance and great with kids and other beagles. He is NOT good with bigger dogs (bigger than him, that is) because he seems to emit a "come get me like I was made out of ham" ray that drives big dogs batspit crazy and ends up with Bo in the ER. Like yesterday. With really little dogs, or cats, we would need to do a mutt-n-greet to see how things go.

We did this last year and it rocked! In fact, the couple watched him several times, and then decided to get a dog of their own. They even wrote Bo a reference letter. Yeah. This dog comes with a reference letter. That's the fractal of his awesomeness.

Dates are Saturday 2/22 to Saturday 3/1. At your place (we don't want him hanging out here by himself). We provide his gourmet-ass expensive food, a leash, and his sweater**. You walk him, feed and water him, and see if he doesn't grow on you like a symbiotic fungus.

Drop us a line about you and your dogsitting fee, if any. We'll go from there! Despite the flippancy of this ad, we are very serious about finding Bo a good home. He means the world to us.

* as long as the command is, "Do whatever you feel like! Good BOYYY!"

** We are not kidding; this dog is a hottie MAGNET. Add the sweater and you will literally have to spray yourself with sex-repellent before leaving the house.
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