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favoriser opslag Faghag needed in NEK

Recent Boston transplant to middle of nowhere podunk VT.

About Fag:
Unemployed Fag without a car and too much free time. Have had no success finding men of substance on Manhunt.
Enjoys photography, urban exploration (read: trespassing), music, art, food and bad indie movies.

Duties would include:
Laughing at my jokes
Watching bad movies on netflix
Exploring abandoned houses and factories.
Checking out hot guys
Providing approval on possible date candidates
Smoking and providing pot
Providing a shoulder for crying

Ideal candidate would possess some or all of the following qualities:
A car
Loud annoying voice
Sympathy with a strong streak of vindictiveness
Masculinity beyond which I posses
Offers good advice while never taking her own
The need to protect her Fag from violence by str8 men (typically while beating her Fag for getting into the mess in the first place)

Overweight/Ginger/Lesbian tendencies to the front of the line.

Auditions by appointment only.
Fag in need of a Hag

  • Location: Lyndonville
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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