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favorite this post CL has ruined me

I posted a snapshot of my erect penis. A slut from Hull responded. She was a seacow. Her vagina smelled funny, but at least she shaved down there. We argued about religion and politics, then she called me a Fucktard. I retorted, "Fuck you, Asshat!" She laughed, so I fucked her in the ass until she squirted, then I stuck it in her mouth and peed on her tits. Has this ever happened to you? She is unhappily married and detests her job and the cubicle to which she is assigned. She reads CL every day and never gets any work done.

All of her co-workers hated her. Probably because she's black, overweight, smokes heavily, frequently smells of curry, sings audibly, microwaves fish, often starts collections for trivial birthdays and was originally from Cambridge. She also had poor passing lane driving techniques and took up more than her fair width on the suburban bikepath. She looked terrible in her too-short tank tops and tight shorts. How dare she? I wonder if she ever rubbed one out in the office bathroom.

Only after the threesome with her gay brother did I realize she belongs to a union, voted for Bush, and loves Michael Jackson and Star Wars. Her name was Patty. I think she's about 29. She charged me $5.00 for the blow job. Did I pay too much?

ps: I'm thinking of moving to the area. Any suggestions on where I should live?

My name is RoyRoy. Chicks dig me. How's my spelling? That is all.

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