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I think it might be time for those of you who work in the corporate environment to get a bit of a refresher on your IT departments unspoken rules. It seems a few of you have forgotten what itís all about. This should provide as a reminder as to the inner workings of the corporate IT world.

1.They are all my computers; I am only letting you borrow them. People constantly laugh at me when I say this, with no idea that I am absolutely serious. I have been given the responsibility of every computer in the office; they are all under my auspices, bar none. if I am gracious enough to give you access to one of my computers, then be nice to it. Talk to it kindly, call it a nice computer, and occasionally pat the monitor. Your computer Ė and your IT guy Ė will thank you for it. Also, this applies to printers, the network connection to the outside world, the videoconference system, and the phone system. Mine. All mine. Get it? Good.

2. If you are going to use my stuff, then use it properly. This means LEARN ABOUT FUCKING SPYWARE. If you absolutely HAVE to go to some site during work hours (and weíll talk about this in a minute), then make sure, when the popups start showing up, you click the little black X in the upper right hand corner. Donít click the big flashing ďOKĒ in the middle. Donít. Whatever it is you think you should do Ė if itís not that little grey X in the uppermost right corner, donít do it. Donít. Just. Fucking. Donít.

3. We know. Yeah, thatís right, we know. Every little site youíve gone to. All the email that passes through your computers. All the instant message chats you have. We know. All of them. So the next time you decide you just HAVE to visit some idiotic website with a movie of two guys fucking a chicken, the next time you HAVE to spam emails to all your friends about the cute guy you hooked up with the other night and he gave you chlamydia, the next time you HAVE to talk to your ex-girlfriend about hooking up one more time behind your fianceís back, think twice about who might be reading that shit, and if youíve pissed your IT guys off. Because we know.

4. Do not take advantage of us, or our toys. Itís awful nice of us to provide you with a boatload of network storage space for your own private use. Oh, and incidentally, that network storage space at work? ITíS FOR WORK PURPOSES. That means take the seventeen gigabytes of mp3s from some shitty hip-hop artist that you got from some peer-to-peer and GET THEM OFF MY FUCKING NETWORK. I wonít ask nicely again. And listen to some real music Ė hip-hop sucks.

5. Learn to share. Look, I realize that the computer came with Windows XP. I donít like it any more than you do. But really Ė that T1 weíve got? Itís for everyone, so you canít hog all our bandwidth by downloading the entire Fedora Core 3. Do it from home. If you want to bring it in to work and dual-boot your drive, I really donít have a problem with it. But go back to kindergarden first and realize that hoarding is a bad thing, ok? Thanks.

6. The computer I let you use is for your use alone. This is somewhat malleable, where if someone at work needs your machine for a minute, you can let them use it. When your fourteen year old son comes to the office with you on Saturday and you let him use one of MY computers, then bitch to me about spyware, well, Iím just gonna tell you to lick the crack of my ass and spit in a cup. Sure, Iíll fix your machine, but after that youíre gonna have two icons on your desktop; ďGo To WorkĒ and ďGo HomeĒ, and ďGo HomeĒ wonít work until 5:30. Think I canít do it? Try me.

7. Are you a Program Manager? Then keep your fucking hands off of my fucking computers. This is non-negotiable. You people could fuck up a free lunch. Get the fuck away from them or I will stab you in the neck with a pencil.

8. Are you in sales? Please see #7. You people are worse than Program Managers. Drink bleach.

9. Are you in Engineering? I realize that most of you have forgotten more about hardware than I will ever know. This doesnít really give you the right to attempt to overclock the PC Iíve let you use to Ludicrious Speed. Please use discretion. Attempting to eke out a few hundred more hertz is fine; requisitioning a Freon Cooling Unit because 3.06G just isnít fast enough is a little overkill. Trust me.

10. Oh, so you have a laptop of your own? Keep. It. Off. My. Network. If I catch an unknown machine anywhere on my net (please see #3), I will fuck that machine up so badly your high-school TI calculator will be a Beowulf Cluster compared to your new paperweight. Also, I don't fix home computers. Tough shit. I hope you get herpes.

11. If you want something from your IT Department, email is your friend. This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine, but still Ė if you need something from me, email it to me. Donít blindly call me, donít magically materialize next to my desk and sit there while Iím working on something, waiting for me to pay attention to you Ė email it to me. Iím not doing shit for you until I have a paper trail originating from you about it. You can follow up with a phone call, thatís fine; you can come over and say, ďI just shot you an email, can we discuss?Ē Ė thatís fine too. If you just come over and leer at me while Iím in the middle of something, I will ignore you, and mentally give you cancer with my mind.

12. Anti-virus software. Look, people, itís there for a fucking reason. Donít try to shut it off, please? Can we at least agree on that? We spent a lot of money on that software so that it would be up and running all the time, and itís not really my fault if you have fifty applications open and ďthe anti-virus software is slowing my machine down!!Ē So Iíll make a deal with you; if you donít shut my anti-virus software on my computers off, I wonít shove an abacus straight up your ass. Ok? Good.

Following these 12 simple steps will make for a far more pleasing work environment. I guarantee it.

Thanks for reading.

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