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Mid-20's, attractive male ninja seeks others for good times. I'm looking for other ninjas, male or female, to hang out and fight crime. Technically, I guess ninjas actually commit crimes. Samurais fight crime but ninjas are so much cooler looking. So we'll just fight crime if that's cool with you.

We can do other stuff besides hang out and fight crime. We can grab the occasional slice. Drink a tasty brew or two or three. I'm a musician in a band and we could really use a singer. We play rock music. So far we've been jamming on late 60's/early 70's rock standsrds. Led Zeppelin, Cream, Sabbath, etc. When we rock, we don't dress like ninjas. You don't have to wear your costume if you don't want to except when we hang out.

It will be so cool hanging out with other ninjas. I've included a picture of myself. (In real life, I'm much more buff but it's kind of hard to draw with MS Paint.) If you recognize me, please don't give away my secret identity. I can't take all the drama from my non-ninjafriends and family. They just don't understand what it's like to be a ninja.

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