Ursprünglich veröffentlicht: 2004-11-17 11:47 (no longer live)

Need someone (actress?) to pretend to be my girlfriend

I told people at work that I have girlfriend so I wouldn't seem so socially inept. Nobody has said anything to me directly, but recently I overheard and can tell they don't believe me. I was thinking of something very low key. You simply show up at my job and ask for me and we would leave together. I may have to introduce you, but hopefully we could just walk out together. No need for us to kiss, but our body language would need to indicate we were a couple. I don't know, we stand close to each other and smile a lot?!? I suppose we both need to be good actors. :-)

I'd compensate you $50 per hour for your time in coming to my workplace and for you to go back to your home. Please be in your 20s and attractive looking.

Job location is Boston suburbs

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