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favorite this post Hot Jewish girls looking to piss off parents, apply within.

Are you hot, Jewish and looking to piss off your parents?

Then look no further...

What I have to offer is the Total Parental Approval Annihilation Package.

(Bring me home and your parents will give you a new car just
to dump me, guaranteed.)

Package includes:

  • One bitter Drunk (fine single malt scotch not included).

  • Many highly visible tattoos.

  • Tasteless jokes and poor table manners.

  • Numerous mispronunciations and cultural insensitivities like "Chan-a-ka"
    and the irrepressible "Ch-al-la bread".

  • and much more.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Purchaser of said package (hereafter girlfriend) agrees to
    provide numerous car rides, including late night rides home from bar after
    Total Parental Approval Annihilation Package technician (hereafter
    ) has missed the last train.

  • Girlfriend agrees to bare all costs associated with developing and
    maintaining boyfriend's bitter drunken state.

  • Girlfriend agrees to not hold boyfriend liable for any damages he may
    incur while operating aforementioned new vehicle.

  • Girlfriend agrees to frequent sexual encounters with boyfriend, with a
    typical duration of 10 minutes. (Foreplay is available as an option, however
    foreplay will only apply for the first month.)

  • Maximum commitment is for six months and 50% of what ever sum parents
    offer to be rid of boyfriend.

  • Boyfriend is not responsible for any sum of money "borrowed".

  • All transactions are final.

I look forward to hearing from you.

this is in or around Gold Coast, The Hill

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