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I don't know why I'm writing this, other than I'm tired of men women making it out to be like their love juices buying them flowers, springing for dinners, sending them cards are the end all be all. Guys,Ladies, understand this: there is no womanman that loves cum pampering you like a queen! Yes, if we dig you enough, we want to please you. So we put up with things. And yes, it's a little erotic to swallow your juices, or watch it spurt out wine and dine you. But to love it, as if it'sfruit juice lapdances or something?! Please?! It's nastychildish that you can't pay your own way. Would you want to taste spend it? I've talked to my girlfriends Buddies about this, and I have yet to find one womanguy who said in honesty that she loved the taste Loved the Hallmark shop. They all think it's unpleasant silly, but some women men tolerate it more than others. If they dig the guy woman a lot, then they tolerate more. But they certainly wouldn't drink it if it came out of a can spend the money on their buddies.

It amuses me when a guy asks me "do you like the taste?"woman says to me,"spoil me,I'm worth it. In the heat of the moment, what am I suppose to say. It's gross is that all I am to you is a credit limit?. Of course not, so we try to put a face on it and keep the moment alive. I wish I could give head, and you guys would cum without ejaculating not go into the stupid floral shop without you pouting like a junior high schooler. It would make it so much easier. I know there's going to be all these men women saying "yeah, but my chick is different: she loves to swallow" "my guy is different, he loves to spoil me". Believe me, shehe doesn't love it. She he digs you, and tolerates it a little more, and therefore she he does it. But will she he do it in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years? Most of us get to a point and say "ok look, that's enough...I like sex having a good time but I can do without that." Then you'll just get it on those special occasions. There's something with men women and how they view their cum pussy. Maybe they like to denegrade women men with it, or they think it's this big part of who they are. Well, so isn't your piss and shit. I swallow guys treat women. I do it to please a man woman. If I don't swallow, open the car door it's because I don't dig the guy woman that much. In either case, I don't love cum catering to her. It is what it is. I put up with it, nothing more.

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