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Please note that this is a custom helmet. it was purchased new, opened from the box and immediately tested via banging my head upon our wall. the helmet passed the test, though there is a little white paint on the front now (man was that a stupid move). you won't find white paint like this on any other helmet around. the white paint makes this helmet even more different than any other T67 helmet you can purchase on the market. no need to bang your own head on a wall. but really, the custom white paint area is very small and didn't do any damage, i wish i had an actual picture of the helmet to show you. the picture you see is one that i drew.

also please note - you may not want to buy this helmet for bicycle purposes. don't be fooled into thinking this will make a good bicycle helmet, you'll look retarded at best. i purchased this helmet to use as a mountain bike helmet, man was that a mistake. turns out its not quite as stylish without the actual motorcycle to go with it. i also thought i'd look cool, but i don't. helmet is much too big to go with my mountain bike outfit, i look like a goof. something to think about. you get that info at no charge. HAT INCH SIZE AROUND 7-3/8 23-1/8 59 LG

T67 Shorty Style Motorcycle Helmet

Meets or exceeds DOT standards.

Gloss Black

Lightweight Polycarbonate shell.

Fully lined for safety and comfort.

Short brim visor attached.

Perfect for motorcycles.

Retarded for bicycles.

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