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do you go to harvard? great!

i've never met anyone from harvard in person before...
i wonder what you all are like. although, i've seen a few of you wearing your harvard hoodies, mingeling with the street performers, and T-stop punks in Harvard square, i've never actually had the opportunity to sit down with one of you and get the lowdown.

i mean, i am your biggest fan - every year i see your school at the top of the US News & World Report list of "best colleges" in the nation and i wonder, "how do they do it?" you kids must be something else. intelligent, wealthy, priviledged - gods amongst mortals. i have to see it to believe it.

so if you go to harvard send mail.

thanks in advance

- a harvard fan

no posseurs please only real harvard undergrads need apply (don't test me: i will ask to see your havard id).

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