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favorite this post ANAL!!!

So many men want to give anal... so few want to receive. And I understand the receiving males much better.. since you guys have a PROSTATE. Women do not. But here is why I, personally, dont like anal sex.

1. I know what comes out of there.
2. Knowing what's in there, I dont' really want to cram it in further.
3. I love my colon and try to take good care of it. Sometimes we go on picnics together.
4. I have a perfectly good hole in the front.
5. Two, if you're nice.
6. Three, if you're really nice, and creative enough.
7. Really, truly, I know what's in there... you really don't want to touch it.
8. Okay, it's not really that exciting. It's more like having a rectal exam at the doctor. Yay. WHOO HOO!
9. My (male)gay friends don't even like it.
10. LUBE? Are you serious? Ass grease is gross enough (you know that stuff that looks like the top layer of beef gravy when it starts to chill?). I don't want your fuckign KY creating more.
11. There are really much better forms of sodomy, in my opinion.
12. Did I mention my other perfectly good and functioning orafices?
13. It's nto really just the thought of your dick in my ass... it's the knowledge that I'm eventually goign to put somethign in my mouth that's been in my ass. Think about it. Ech.
14. Ever heard of a little thing called germs? I try and keep mine there for easy removal.
15. I try too keep all my sex parts shaved in ready to go.. NO WAY am I shaving my asshole.
16. I'm no low-fat, low-sugar, low-carb eatin' vegan. Seriously, what's in there.... it ain't pretty!!

But I'll tellyou what... if you really want it we'll get you a "Fleshlight" with the asshole attachment and I'll shit in the tube.


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