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Confessions of a......

To the average observer I am an optimistic 32 year old woman who was raised by two wonderful parents, who holds a job, enjoys a drink from time to time, laughs out loud, is independent, has a strong desire to achieve in her life, works hard, appreciates her friends and family, has strong convictions, is compassionate, and honestly is a great person. People enjoy my optimistic, happy go lucky attitude. My sense of humor, all be it unique, has offered many laughs, sore bellies, and tired cheeks; life tends to be a perpetual comedy show from my perspective. In my career I have grown quickly within organizations, my natural leadership qualities pulling me to the top as if floatation devices in the sea of corporate bliss are attached to my work product. I live a healthy lifestyle – I eat right, skip the desserts most of the time, indulge on occasion, run approximately 25 miles a week, kayak, love to camp, love to cook, and I’m not afraid of a little dirt under my nails. Throughout my years I have changed my own flat tire, babysat children, fixed the kitchen sink plumbing, hugged my mother and father, renovated a house, cleaned toilets, supported my brother and sister, tended to a garden, bantered with the neighbors, dressed up for a night at the theatre, and spent time at professional networking events. People have told me I’m quite the “catch” yet I am modest by nature. I’ve been in relationships and I have never strayed - never even considered it, as I’m quite the believer in love.

To the average observer, I am normal – for lack of a better word. Only I know the truth.

I’m a craigslist slut. I can’t help it and I have had quite a bit of fun along the way. I have responded to personal ads, and even posted a few of my own – all casual encounters, mind you. Some of the men lack the intelligence to keep my mind engaged in simple email banter, so I politely tell them “thank you but no thank you.” Some men I simply email with; some men I have met. I’ve fucked younger guys (who are fun in their own innocent way, even though they think they are badass lovers – it’s cute and endearing) and older guys (there’s some fucking sensual, talented men out there) and guys around my own age (got to love the pussy hungry 30/40-somethings).

Some of the men I’ve met are good looking, some super effing hot. Some of them are not even close to what their pictures represent. Some of them are weirdos, complete effing weirdos and some of them are your average American males. Some of them can fuck; some of them could not fuck. One guy shaved his entire body, entirely. One guy probably never trimmed his pubs once in his life. One man I met had a huge cock, but could not keep it up and hard when it came to actually inserting it into my pussy. He preferred to jerk off and have me watch. Amusingly I watched, and let him cum on my face. I found this weird, but he got off, so I let him think I was having as much fun as he was. He could lick pussy, so I wasn’t complaining, either. Another man I met for drinks and he went down on me in the parking lot. We met another time at his place and fucked for hours. He could also lick pussy. One guy wanted me to fuck him with a strap on – so I did. I thoroughly enjoyed it – now I know why you fellas like doggie style so much – what a view. One man photographed and sketched me. Another man I met had the excitement of a child on Christmas Eve. He could barely contain himself – I went to the bathroom and he was shouting “Yes! Yes! Oh my god, this is really going to happen!” to himself, not knowing I could clearly hear every single word. We made out like we were lovers in love; his touch was electrifying. He is now a Top 5 Pussy Licker in my book of lovers.

Met one guy for drinks, he took me back to his place and never laid a hand on me. As I was getting up to go he attempted to make out; I told him not to wait until I was leaving next time. We’ll see if he calls. One guy was so fucking hot (tall, built, full of muscles, biggest cock I’ve ever had the pleasure to suck and fuck); we had wild uninhibited sex all night. He smelled so good I went to work the next day without showering so I could get a whiff of his man scent throughout the day. His pheromones were so strong I can still get wet thinking about how fantastic he smelled. I would have made him my n.s.a. lover – but strangely he never returned my callback even though he texted me the next morning and mentioned how he was still throbbing – why men do the things they do simply isn’t worth the effort to figure out. One guy met with me, and his girlfriend was (unknowingly to me) across the bar; it was a set up to see if I’d be into a threesome – I could see through their scam, but I liked their creativity so I played the dumb blonde card and let both of them lick my pussy and pinch my nipples. One guy loved nylons, so I wore a short skirt with thigh highs and let him finger me under the table at a busy restaurant; no one suspected a thing, except the waiter who winked at me on my way out the door. One guy just wanted to give me a massage; so I let him. It was so good I sucked the cum right out of his cock as a thank you.

I’ve sucked huge cocks and not so huge cocks. I’ve had many, many orgasms. Burned many a calorie. I’ve experienced different kinds of lovers, fetishes, and sexual likes/dislikes. It has been an educational experience to say the least. I believe each situation was a win-win for the involved parties.

I’m a self admitted Craigslist slut. Call me what you will, send me what you will – but know that honestly, I don’t give a shit what you think of me. I’m confident enough in myself that words will never hurt me. Judgments – never needed them in my life, so a judgment from a stranger means nothing to me. I’m an empowered single woman with a high sex drive; I’m simply doing the best I can to quench my sexual urges and having tons of fun along the way. I always practice safe sex. If I wanted a relationship, I could have one – but I’m enjoying my first single summer in many, many years. I’m enjoying the shit out of being a CL slut. I love my life.

Let me close with a big ol’THANK YOU Craigslist! You have made this one hot steamy summer. I appreciate what you have done for me……

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