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favorite this post pretty zombie girl your eyes were falling out

We were on the C-Line, I think you were a zombie, because one of your eyes were falling out and you were chewing off the arm of an old man sitting next to you.
I was the boy in the light blue dress shirt, pale and freshly deseased after being smashed in the face with a toy hammer. You were listioning to your head phones. Mybe it was Chopin or the bee-gees im not sure. But your ears were bleeding badly. Do zombies need to go to the doctor or is just part of being a zombie. After finishing my tom colins at the local taven, I still contimplated the moment when we reached kenmore and you were convulsing on the floor. Such fire in you. I could just sense it. I don't know if you noticed me after all I am deseased.

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