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Most uncomfortable chair ever made

This is the Most uncomfortable​ chair ever made.

negatives : This chair is really uncomfortable. Its back support was not designed for humans, but if you are an alien with a flat or squareish, in the lumbar region, it would work quite well. Its seat is way too flat and way too small. I am fairly in shape and I feel like a gelatinous sasquatch when I attempt to seat my self on it.

Positives: It has a nice paint job, if I do say so myself(I did it). It is an antique, and not from this generation. It is very solidly built and has a lot of awful life left to it. It is also light weight and can double as an effective scary weapon. wouldn't you be scared if something not from you generation, that never should have been made, was directed at you in a menacing fashion. Most furniture a little better than this I would pay you to take away or negotiate down to free, but this chair is so atrocious that it actually comes full circle and is worth something. Does not include dunce hat.

$15 firm..... ish
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