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I asked if you were dropping off or taking away, although it was obvious what you were doing. You showed me an operational massager you found that I could see could definitely be used on the you-know-what. I sure would clean it before I used it.

I was dropping off a nice looking DVD player. I bought it about 2 years ago, thinking I was buying something that was high-end and would last, but, alas, it turned out to be disposable, like so much electronic gear these days. So I went to Best Buy and bought a new no-name brand for $25. Made in China, I guess. Works fine, though. I had intended that the broken one go to charity. Maybe they could have repaired it and sold it. I expect it's stolen by now. Good luck to whoever got it. I even opened it up and cleaned it thoroughly. Still dosen't read discs. Maybe whoever takes it could take back to Goodwill, once they figure out it dosen't work. During the day this time, so at least it would have a shot at an extended life instead of ending up in some dumpster-diver's dumpster. I thought the Remote was kind of goofy anyway.

Anyway, we had a nice little chat. You seemed quite bright and friendly. I thought you were cute. I liked the smooth way you handled yourself, despite the fact I had caught you red-handed dumpster-diving. I thought of asking you for a drink, but I did a quick little analysis of the situation in my head:

1. It was late and I had to get up early in the morning.
2. Obviously, we come from a totally different socio-economic class, so a LTR would probably not work out.
3. On the other hand, if you are dumpster-diving, you are probably an easy lay, and I'm not above NSA sex.
4. But then, if you are dumpster-diving you are probably not way up there in the Ethics and Morals Department, if you know what I mean. That opens up all sorts of consequences.
5. Jeez, have I gotten so desperate I have to pick up chics at a dumpster?

On my way back from Randalls, I glanced over to the GoodWill drop-off. Now there were 3 cars there, all apparently dumpster-diving. Look like quite a little social scene going on there. Clearly, there is an entire dumpster-diving subculture that I was not aware of. One guy was talking on his cell-phone. I imagine he was acting as a dumpster-diving scout and was informing his fellow dumpster-diving team members what the potential take was at this location. I guess Westlake is one of the prime spots, since it is one of the richer parts of Austin. I hope that guy wasn't your boyfriend.

In any case, now I am having a few doubts about my off-the-cuff analysis. Who am I to judge? Life is tough. Any of us could find ourselves dumpster-diving. Life can throw you some hard curves.

In the off chance you found a wireless-enabled laptop in the dumpster and found your way to the Craigslist to sell anything else you found, I hope you will read this and drop me an email. In any case, maybe I could learn some valuable dumpster-diving tips. You never know when it might come in handy.

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