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Vintage, Artisinal Telephones

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These vintage phones were handused in Austin, Texas at a boutique call center. These classic communication devices come complete with a curly accent cord and collector's edition taupe plastic finish. The phones have a finely aged yellow patina from 24-hour fluorescent light exposure over the past 25 years.

For the past six months, these artisinal communication devices have been on display in a art piece entitled "Mass Communication" at the prestigious Hastings Gallery in Austin, Texas. The more than 40 telephones were arranged by avantgarde sculptor and company owner Mark Hastings to reflect the juxtaposition between how connected we are and how alone we feel.

The exhibit has come to an end and it is time for art and conversation enthusiasts to repurpose them for their own ends. There are more than 40 telephones in this lot for the low price of $100 or best offer.

Beautiful and functional, these phones can be used to communicate with other telephone enthusiasts in another room, city or even country. Personalize yours with your own unique "phone number."

Handsets have a challenging flavor with complex mouthfeel. Large buttons accommodate even the clumsiest fingers. The perfect gift for the speech lover in your life or a solid investment in a rare collectible.

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