Ursprünglich veröffentlicht: 2015-10-02 13:02 (no longer live)

wanted: 2 acl passes, weekend 2; or 2 any single day passes wkd 2

want passes for at least a day of weekend 2, sunday & saturday day passes are preferred, but if you have 2 weekend wristbands for sale we'll take those.

prices included but not limited to:

- eternal gratitute
- $$$$ cash money, each of us is willing to spend a chunk of cash. $$$$
- baked goods in the shape of your face
- personal shopper on soco, we'll help you spend all that cash we just gave you
- romantic candle lit dinner (only if you're a cute, straight man or gay woman)
- if romantic candle lit dinner is not an option for you, then we will let you choose a happy hour bar & will proceed to bro out.
- if neither of the above meal options works for you, then we can be gym buddies.

but nothing extreme, let's be reasonable here.

gotta get my florence and the machine and/or foo fighters on, come on people, help a couple of ladies out!!

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