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Broken and not sure if I can be put back together

I just got out of a really bad long term relationship, so yeah i guess you can say I have baggage, My ex was very violent and abusive, yeah i am talking black eyes violent,not only that but i was lied to and cheated on too. so im very very shaky and am not completely comfortable with men right now, i feel like a abused puppy you see at the shelter who shakes when you pet them, i know half the guys who read this have already stopped reading and have moved on past me but if you read on im going to just going to word vomit this all out, I’m not normal but I am average, I’m not sane, but I’m not crazy. I probably make less sense than anyone you have ever met, I see people all day saying what they are good at, how great they feel about it, I am not that person, I need a companion in my life, I feel I need someone more than anyone, but I won’t get mine in the typical way, I am not going to sit here and tell you all the “ wonderful” things about me, I am going to sit here and tell you everything about me which is annoying, weird, and just not attractive. If you feel you can handle the things I have to say then read on. I don’t have time to sit and make my life more miserable by wasting it with a self absorbed creep who thinks they are god, you’re not, because there is no god, only enlightenment. We are each just made up of the same cells as all things, don’t feel superior. Here is goes, if you are not running after you read this list, I think you have the reward of reading on to the good things I feel I have to offer another human being…….

I am:

Short tempered
Somewhat lazy when I have no interest
mostly sad and melancholy
rude at times
suffer from OCD
easily obsessed
still live at home
hold on to things more than a normal human being would
have a horrible phobia of foam
I don’t work out
im 6ft tall
not fat big boned
I hate being pressured in any situation
HATE shopping
will twist what you say just because I am a bitch although I don’t mean to
getting over the “other” still
have a drinking problem

Now the things I enjoy, you can either like or dislike them entirely up to you, it is whether you can handle them:

I like anime
TALL guys
chick movies
the water
all music
raw oysters
seafood in general
tanning salons
hot wings
great danes
tattoos and holes in myself
the internet, ie facebook
some moderate smoking
super loyal
very honest
don’t mind the sunshine
and more booze…..

so here is me, tall blonde and green eyed,please send me a picture as well with a description of who you are, last time i tried this i got a million responses but no one wrote about who they are, i need to know SOMETHING about you. :)

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