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to the person who stole my laundry detergent

Hello, fellow human being. I'm sorry for whatever happened during your day/week/life that made you feel that you had to take my laundry detergent which I set atop the washing machine at the 43rd Street/Duval laundromat, around midday, today. I am more saddened by the loss of my laundry bag--the perfect mesh drawstring complete with hefty shoulder strap--which you also abducted. Yes, I know that I set it underneath the "laundromat is not responsible for your personal property sign," but no, I did not place it there intentionally in order to test fate. Maybe that's funny or ironic to you, I do not know.

I wonder if you think that I am naive by leaving my detergent unattended, or if you rationalized your kidnapping decision by thinking you were teaching me a lesson. Whether or not you thought you needed to steal my bag, by doing so, you create sadness and debt for your future self. I don't want that, because when we do bad things to each other, we hurt ourselves just as much as the other person. Despite the difference in our thoughts, bodies, ideas, feelings, values, homes and relationships, we are all part of the same everything.

Indeed, you have taught me a lesson, and I want to share that with you: Today I learned that no matter who you are, and no matter what situation you are in, I don't want anything bad to happen to you. I hope that you use that laundry bag, or that it finds someone who needs it as much as I appreciate it. I hope that you use every drop of that laundry detergent, and that it makes your clothes so fresh. And thank you, for making me pause during my day, and think about you, whom I will probably never meet.

I am grateful for you, and I want to show you by giving you a gift. I want to take the debt that you have created today, and absorb it into myself. I don't want any more pain to come into your life. I want to relieve you of your worries, your sicknesses and your suffering, because I am no better than you or different from you. We are exactly the same.

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