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Haunted Thai Puppet

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My wife and I recently went to Thailand and found this puppet in a night market outside Bangkok. It was the only item not inside the actual stall the vendor had. We inquired about it and they immediately offered it to us at less than half the listed price, so we happily purchased it. Since then a series of events have unfolded that we at first thought was just bad luck but they have been escalating; they include getting trapped in an elevator, plants we place near the puppet dying, and recently our house has become infested with hornets - centered around the area we keep the puppet. We consulted a psychic and at the first mention of the puppet they shivered and said it's evil. So now it's time for the puppet's journey to continue, preferably far away from us. The psychic said a transaction had to take place so make us basically any offer and you can have this little bundle of ill will and evil intentions, a lovingly crafted Thai Annabelle. Please take this puppet.

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