Originally Posted: 2005-04-03 12:55am
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I know you will read this!

I thought that I will tell you this here instead of on the phone just so you could read this for yourself. You are the most awesome thing to have ever entered my life. You make me complete. You make me feel like the luckiest man in the world. You make me look at myself like I have never looked at myself before. You are God's gift to me, hell you make me believe that there must indeed be a God up there that looks out for, and wants the best for, folks like us.
I feel like calling up my parents and thanking them for giving birth to me, so I could meet and go out with a person like you. Never have I felt such intensity for a girl like I feel for you. I had almost given up on them till you came along like a breath of fresh air in my life. You make me who I am.

I yearn to feel you in my arms every second that I am away from you. Those delicate hazel eyes, that angelic smile, that sweet smelling hair and the good humour and laughter dancing in your eyes turns me to jelly every time I look at you. The way your head fits perfectly on my shoulder makes me think that my shoulder was exactly made for your head. Your feminine and affectionate laughter at my jokes makes me think I'm the guy with the best sense of humour in Atlanta. The way you talk, confidently and sure of yourself, makes my knees knock against each other.

You give my life a new meaning. Is this really me? How could I be so lucky? Why did God decide to make me the chosen one for your affection and love? Sometimes I feel afraid that you're just a mirage, for no man could be so lucky so as to have you as his girlfriend. All I need to reassure me is your voice on the phone and your good humoured laughter at my insecurity.

What did I do to deserve you? Was it something I did in this life or in a previous life? Maybe I have been doing good in all my lives, for the good deeds of just one life could never be enough to have earned your affections.

I am the luckiest man alive today. I could care less about my degree and job. I could lose those and every possession I have and still feel like the luckiest man alive if you're by my side.

Thank you for choosing me, S. Thank you God for giving her to me. I could spend this lifetime thanking the both of you and that still won't be enough.

If I'm the heart, you're the heartbeat
If I'm a human, you're my soul
I'm a man, and you're surely my destiny.

As long as there's a moon and stars, as long as there are the rivers and mountains, as long as the earth goes round the sun, I will be forever yours and yours alone.

From the luckiest man alive,

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