Publié le : 2003-09-04 9:57pm

marquez cette publication comme favorite Seeking Spanish Speaking Friends who do not want to date me, etc.

I am seeking Spanish-speaking friends to practice and learn more Spanish and, in exchange, I will offer practice and assistance with English, if you so desire.

This seems like a simple enough request, doesn't it? Trust me, I have tried and tried and tried to no avail. What always ends up happening is that a Spanish-speaking male (usually much younger than me) contacts me and ends up wanting to date me, sleep with me, or to be his girlfriend, wife, or whatever. THIS IS NOT WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR! Women just don't contact me at all for some unknown reason.

Now I can't help it that I am a very nice person and actually pretty hot, especially for my age (I am a 40-yr old female but look younger), but that does not mean that I want to go out with you, especially if you are only in your 20s. I only want to learn Spanish, okay?

If you understand this and this will work for you, please contact me. I only want to learn Spanish, I swear. I don't need dates, boyfriends, husbands, or whatever. Thank you very much.

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