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needing a poo whilst driving?

the most unfortunate thing for me , living otp and especially in cherokee county are the lack of shops open late, especially if one needs a really big poo, well a hot spicy poo after eating jalpenos earlier in the day.

well i went to work, downtown so i normally have to leave at 6am, wake at 530, but i get constipationm in the morning so i didnt poo. at work had a cup of tea, brekkie, still no poo?

lucnhtime came around adn i had jalapenos, and salad. hot!!

well did my work, hadnt had a poo and met my wife, had hot, spicy soup and some thai dish and lots of jasmine tea and water.

then as soo as i sat in my car, the familiar bowel movement, shaking and tingly skin from a really hot dose of spices. damn i had to drive from roswell to alpharetta kroger with extreme turtles head, sweating and if i had farted then i would have filled my pants.

i literally ran into kroger clutching my arse and pulling off my pants it spurted out, probably the most satisfying poo in my life, the first bit that came out was hard, like a plug, then it all came out like water from a firehose. fucking hell it was wonderful.

cleaning myself up i went back to my car. ignition, started to drive, oh hell, the same tingly feeling, stomach squealching, "but i just had my poo?" i said to myself. fuck it i can make it home. driving as ffast as i could up hwy140 i got the sweats, and i need ed to poo right there, it was dark and the more i thought about stopping in a street adn shitting the more it kept almost sqelching out. so to make some room i decided to fart, but "oh fuck please no" a steady stream came out. so here i was speeding up hwy 140 and quite literally shitting my pants. so each time i farted it kept coming out and there was no where to stop. by the time i got home i had filled up my underwear and shit had splattered all up my back from the pressure of sitting. in the garage i stripped naked, fearful that my wife would open the door and see her naked husband, in the garage covered in shit. well she had locked the fucking door! i had no door key only teh garage door clicker, so i had to wipe off the shit and put my trousers back on, i stank. luckily her sister had come over earlier and left the fucking door unlocked, thanks couldve been burguled but at least it was lucky for me.

anyway my wife was in the bath and i had to shower downstaris. she never found out.

i had to clean my car seat.

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