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Hey geeks--Insert your male connector into my software

You geeks fuck better than jocks any day. So if your two external storage devices are signalling to your CPU that it's time to commence a data upload, consider inserting your male connector into my software. Of course the fit most likely won't be perfect at first, so you'll need to withdraw and re-insert hundreds, perhaps thousands of times until connectivity is achieved, my circuitry goes into an infinite loop, your motherboard overheats, my loud speakers start spewing out filthy garbage, your hard drive motor spins out of of control, and all your hundreds of millions of 1's and 0's start overflowing my data receptacle. I'm a 1987 model year with parts made in Asia and North America. I interface well with models from any continent, as long as you perform regular maintenance on your equipment, have a solid state chassis, and pack lots of RAM! Send me some technical specs and Visio diagrams if you want to move this functional design document into full production mode. End of message.
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