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Condoms & Bread - w4m


You left your 36 value pack of condoms and your organic multi grain whole wheat bread at my Farmers Market table this past Saturday (1/14.) You included the receipt for the condoms, which both shocked and delighted me. I really had no idea condoms were this expensive. Shocked because, although these look like really good ones, they set you back almost 40 bucks! Delighted because if no one claims them, I'm exchanging them for 4 tubes of Maybeline Great Lash Mascaras (a true classic) and some sunscreen.

I didn't see you, nor did any of my employees, but I imagine you to be MALE, born in the 90's or 2000's, optimistic yet cautious, health conscious yet carb loving. Maybe a long distance runner? Would make sense in the stamina department as well. Or maybe you are in a band?

I asked around, but no one was admitting anything to me. I learned that people don't appreciate being asked if they misplaced their condoms and really I was just trying to help (and bust your balls, but only a tiny bit.) I just feel like if I ever spent 40 bucks on condoms (NEVR) and 6 bucks on a loaf of bread (always) and then LOST them while buying a 7 dollar juice, I'd be so mad.

So let me know if these are yours. I'll bring them this weekend to the market.

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