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Daniel at Planned Parenthood - w4m

You: The bearded, bescrubbed, tatooed office manager on duty at the Candelaria Planned Parenthood.

Me: The blonde female who came in for an annual exam this afternoon and is undoubtedly violating some code of privacy/ethics by trying to hit on you.

You kindly and thoroughly assisted me with all my requisite paperwork for today's visit. After handing you documents disclosing the intimate details of my personal health and sexual history, discussing my insurance coverage, and (for good measure) talking about my presidential preferences and voting status, I found myself wondering whether you were this friendly to everyone (read: single). I realize it's your job to find out how many sexual partners a girl has had and hand her a cup to pee in, but I felt like we might have had a special spark. Charm, confidence, the ability to multitask, and a heightened awareness of STDs are all very attractive qualities to me in a man, and provided you're not gay, I'm pretty sure our mutual openness regarding all things sexual would bode well for "outside the clinic" compatibility.

If you're interested and available, let's go have coffee/drinks sometime. (This is obviously a slightly unorthodox invitation, but I figured it was less objectionable coming from the patient than the provider.) If you want to wait until my test results come back to respond to this, that's fine too.

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