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Common reasons for posting removal

  • Miscategorized - be sure you're posting to the right category. Service offerings may only be posted under "services." Business opportunities do not belong in "jobs." Wanted ads only in the "wanted" category. Brokers and dealers only in broker/dealer categories (where available).

  • Illegal - postings connected to or in facilitation of illegal activity are strictly prohibited.

  • Misleading - Keyword spamming, expensive items listed at $1, unexpected/hidden fees.

  • Overposting - Post each item/offering no more than once every 48 hours please.

  • Response - Responses to other users' ads don't belong in the classified categories, please respond via email, and/or take it to the discussion forums.

  • Personal Info - posting someone's personal information is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.

  • Spam- spam, misleading, inappropriately commercial, MLM, get rich quick, links to auctions or ecommerce offerings, affiliate marketing, ads for or signposts to other websites.

  • Scalping - even where legally permitted, ticket scalping is widely resented, and tickets being resold over face value will tend to get flagged for removal.

  • Porn - images that are legally questionable should not be posted.

  • Not Local - craigslist is local. Please post only to the single geographic area closest to you or your item/offering. If your area is not yet represented, request a new craigslist site here