$5 fee for "cars/trucks by Dealer" ads starting 12/3 - FAQ

Q. What is changing as of 12/3?

A. Ads posted to "cars/trucks by dealer" for CL sites in the US are now charged $5 per ad.

Q. How long will paid car/truck ads last? Can they be edited? Renewed? Reposted?

A. 30 days. Live ads can be edited. No renewals. Reposts are $5. (more info about reposting paid listings)

Q. What forms of payments are accepted?

A. Visa, Mastercard, Amex are accepted as part of the posting process for car/truck ads.

Q. Are volume discounts, flat rate, or monthly "all you can eat" plans available?

A. No. $5 per posting. One vehicle per ad.

Q. Can I purchase a block of postings in advance, e.g. 200 postings for $1000?

A. Blocks can be purchased for selected US cities by paid account holders. Sign up here first, and then call 415-399-5200 x8283.

Q. Is invoicing available?

A. Yes, for established customers who have recently purchased a $2000 (or larger) block of postings.

Q. Is a bulk posting API be available for high volume posters?

A. Yes. If you will be posting 500 or more ads per month, and purchase a $6000 block, you may request bulk API access at 415-399-5200 x8283.

Q. Is a paid posting account required?

A. No, but they can be helpful for volume posters. Sign up here.

Q. Can I post ads for financial services, a car-related website, an auction, or a special dealership sale/promotion?

A. No. cars/trucks is for advertising specific individual automobiles for sale. Related services can be posted in the "automotive services" category.

Q. Can ads include clickable hyper links, templates, and external images?

A. No. Please include all relevant information for the specific vehicle being sold in your craigslist ad itself.

Q. Are paid ads subject to automated removal due to user flagging?

A. No. Flagged posts are reviewed by staff before any removals take place.

Q. What about free ads in the cars/trucks by dealer category posted before 12/3?

A. Ads posted prior to 12/3 are not renewable (and are subject to deletion). Reposts of expired/deleted ads are available for $5.

Q. What happens if a dealer posts in "by owner" to avoid the fee.

A. They will be subject to ad removal, account closure, and other remedial actions. Please flag any dealer ads in "by owner."

Q. What if I have additional questions or want to comment?

A. Please send questions and comments to ctd@craigslist.org