Originally Posted: 2005-08-08 8:02am

Stripper I overpaid for a lap dance - I think we shared a moment, no? - m4w

I know, in this crazy, topsy-turvy world, it's hard to find a connection with someone real. And I know I must seem like a spendthrift, paying you $50 like that when I could have had just as much crotch-grinding and dirty talk for $20. The truth is, I thought it WAS a twenty, and that you were just a really grateful person by nature.

But be that as it may, I felt like we shared a moment when our eyes met for those few seconds that I wasn't checking out your rack, which again, I must insist, is absolutely astounding. And since there's no bouncer here on the CL to threaten to "beat me down like his white bitch," I really want to take a moment to apologize for grabbing one. The heat of the moment, and so on.

Back to our love. I felt it, and I hope you did too. (The love, I mean, not your breast.) Don't deny it, my dove, I could see it in your eyes in the seconds before I lost consciousness in the headlock from the - and I really must register a protest here - overzealous security in your place of business. And I really do hope that you won't hold against me the fact that I lost control of my bowels, which I checked online and found is a perfectly commonplace reaction to near death from choking. Beyond that incident, I haven't had an accident since 8th grade.

So here we are, and there love is, and I call on you to take my hand, and let's go grab it. (Love, I mean. Not your tit.)

I'll wait for your email. And think about having that redhead join us, the one you did the simulated sex with on stage before my lap dance. I think we had a moment too, and it's obvious you two dig each other, so I'm thinking we could have one big happy family together. But we can talk about it. Just email me, sweetie. K?

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