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Re: Borf, DC Loves You

I usually just lurk, enjoying the (mostly) pointless banter while wasting time at work. However, this post really annoyed me. Borf-or whatever his name was, deserves nothing more than 30 days in jail and a $1000 fine for VANDALISM.

Plain and simple. That the Washington Post would devote a ream of column inches to VANDAL takes my breath away. Please-"Borf" defenders (devotees?), let's look at the facts here: a) he's a semi-talented 18 yo graffito "artiste" who, instead of climbing up street signs, should be hunkered over a sketch pad working on his technique (which is not very good). b) he claims to be some sort of "anarchist", yet he hails from that hot-bed of class warfare, Falls Church and c) he gives a BAD NAME to the SERIOUS artists in this town who all work very hard for ANY type of recognition.

Let's look at each point-his technique. It's not very original, sorta a cross between Andy Warhol and the sort of Agit-Prop that was popular, oh, say, 25 years ago or so. His only really novel idea was to climb up onto a large street direction sign and deface it (costing the taxpayers hundreds, if not 1,000's of $$ to clean up). And, unfortunately, even this was not very novel- remember "Cool Disco Dan?". This vandal was clever and daring enough to tag places that I'd think a chimp would have a hard time tackling. "Borf's" art" is not "precocious"-it's just plain BAADD. Good artists-and there are plenty in this city, spend YEARS developing their technique. His simple-minded graffito slaps these folks in the face, basically saying "hey-look at me-I'm not very good, but I make a "statement"

As for him being an "anarchist"-christ almighty. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. He knows no more of "class warfare" than Paris Hilton. Due to my limited financial means, I live in a very poor, working class, majority-minority neighborhood who would (literally) DIE to live in a sumptious neighborhood like Great Falls. These people did not march on the IMF or World Bank declaring "Class Unity"- they HAD TO GO TO WORK. These people see Capitalism as a WAY OUT OF THEIR MISERY. "Borf" is nothing more than a spoiled little rich kid who has NOT A FUCKING IOTA OF A CLUE WHAT IT MEANS TO BE POOR. Screw him- nothing pisses me off more than little jerks like him trying to make a "statement about anarchy and the inequities of capitalism."
Oh-and no, I am not some right-wing sycophant. I am actually quite liberal. "Borf" would do good to c'mon by the local homeless shelter and do some volunteer time with "the masses."

Finally, and I touched upon this above, the people who valorize artists like "Borf" (and others- that dead junkie Basquiat comes to mind here), DEMEAN serious artists of all stripes. This kid has gotten more fucking press than any local artist I know of in recent months. I know PLENTY of very-talented, hard-working artists who labor in the fields and get SCANT recognition of their talents. This is a common complaint amongst the professionals in this town (full disclosure- I am one). Yet this fucked up little suburbanite VANDAL gets treated like he's the next Andy Warhol.

In closing- I think he should APOLOGIZE, PAY, and DO SOME COMMUNITY SERVICE- perhaps a battered women's shelter in SE? Or maybe, live in a run-down, shit-hole neighborhood, toil 15 hours a day for George Bush's minimum wage and see what it is to WORK FOR A FUCKING LIVING.

Thank you for allowing me to rant. You may go back to your regularly scheduled program.

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Date: 2005-07-14, 12:08PM EDT

Borf, DC Loves You. Don't listen to the haters, they are already dead.

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