Originally Posted: 2005-04-29 11:38am

Damn you dusty Cracker Barrel Urinal!

So I finished my delicious "Grandpa's Country Breakfast" Saturday morning at Cracker Barrel. That place will fill you up, let me tell ya... so my wife is in line paying for our meal because I had to pee. I've peed, oh, an estimated 30,000+ times in my lifetime and never injured myself before, so I was not worried.

Following the rules of Male bathroom ettiquette, I took my spot at the far urinal against the wall as somebody was already using the first in the row of three. I proceed to take care of my business, and all of a sudden I sneeze. Not a regular "a-choo", but a full body heaving sneeze. As my hands are holding my pants away from "it" as not to pee all over myself I have no way to brace my body at this point and I couldn't stop quick enough. The very top center of my head collides with the metal top of the urinal right where the pentagonal bolt type top comes to a point.

As this point my head hurts like hell and I scream "FUCK!" about as loud as I've screamed a curse word in public ever. Make my way to the mirror to find that I am bleeding from the tip of my head (not dripping blood, or even stitch worthy, but it hurt like hell).

The guy that was in there with me is very worried, but by the time he got over to me I was laughing so hard at the situation that he just started laughing too and we walked out of the bathroom practially in tears laughing so hard. I walked out with a paper towel on my head, and after relaying the story to all of the Cracker Barrel patrons who were alarmed at the cussing from the bathroom, finally got to leave.

So now I have a giant black bruise on my forehead... Damn you Cracker Barrel dust. Damn you.

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