Originally Posted: 2005-04-22 1:09pm

rave: to the hornet i killed in the shower

you think i didn't see you creeping out from the crack in the window pane, you sneaky, winged fucker? i know what you were thinking...'i'm going to sting this bastard while he's rinsing his hair and send him screaming and flailing naked through this apartment'. well, you thorax-sporting sting jockey, you didn't count on the velocity and sticking power of my 'edge advanced shaving gel extra-protection', now did you? it really made my day watching you writhe and claw around in a golf ball sized glop of shaving cream on my shower windowsill until, after i finished scrubbing my ass, you eventually asphyxiated and buzzed your way on down to hornet hell.
and a message to all your still-living friends...if the deionized water and palmitic acid don't get you, the isobutane and fd&c blue #1 will.

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