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Originally Posted: 2005-04-05 4:07pm

Rant: No one wants DC

DC is neither North nor South. The Northerners think we are too slow and stupid, the Southerners think we are too liberal and rude.

DC has no effective Congressional representation, yet still pays income taxes. We can't blame this on Democrats or Republicans since both parties have been in power, yet never given us representatives who can vote. We can only blame the rest of the country.

Congress thinks it is perfectly ok to screw commuters by closing off streets and refuse dedicated funding for Metro, ok to screw parents by implementing a school voucher system that most DC residents oppose, and ok to screw locals by sending more homeland security funding per capita to places like South Dakota while the real targets are places like DC.

Tourists believe they own the city since it is "Our Nation's Capital," and this gives them the right to opine on how it should be run. We do not care that you came all the way from Bumfuck, Iowa to visit your state Representative, and that you think the city is dirty, smelly, full of too many homeless people, full of too many rude people, whatever. STFU. This is my home, and you can't come into my house and tell me what to do.

Every year, Maryland and Virginia fight over how much they'll deign to spend on Metro. Here's some news for you: 1) Metro runs in both Maryland and Virginia, and 2) Maryland and Virginia commuters use Metro daily to get to their federal jobs. Sounds to me like Maryland and Virginia should stop bickering and just earmark funding to Metro. And don't tell me you'll only fund the parts of Metro that run in your state, because I'll tell you that all your commuters can stop riding at the DC city limits and start walking. How close will that get them to their jobs???

DC should just secede.

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