Originally Posted: 2005-03-26 8:57pm

I want to hate f*ck a Bush lovin, red flag bearin Republican

Let me be honest -- I hate Bush and the donkey's ass he rode in on. I wore black the day after election day. I no longer speak to several former "friends" who stuck "W" or "Viva Bush" stickers on their bumpers. I once saw a Bush/Cheney sign in someone's yard, pulled it out, had my dog poop on it, and discreetly left it on their stoop. With that said, I obviously relish in his drop in approval ratings and everytime he does/says something asinie, my eyes twinkle and my heart smiles. Besides the fact that W will never be able to hold office again after 2008, there would be nothing that would bring me more pleasure than to "hate fuck" a true, hard-core, Bush/Cheney supporting man. If you're not familiar with the concept of hate fucking, let me offer a definition: hate fuck (n): The most racous, albeit violent, type of coitus among two individuals who are diametrically opposed in values, allowing for punching, scratching and biting reflexes, but have a base level of sexual attraction, allowing for circulation of blood to the genitals and forthcoming stimulation. I do not just want someone who voted for Bush. I want the reddest repub i can find. I want someone who either: a) worked on the campaign(s) b) hung an 8x11 foot Bush banner on their home c) paid $1,200 for a ticket to Black tie and Boots for the "chance" they might have seen him d) plastered their car in W stickers e) all of the above And when I find you, I want to hate fuck you. My hatred of Bush didn't give me anything in November, but dammit, I'm going to get at least an orgasm or two out of this administration. Fakers need not apply. Your fakenes will shine through and I may punch you, but you won't get a hate fuck out of me. this is in or around Taxation w/out Representation

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