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I am stronger than most of you weak girls who cry

I am a pretty strong guy. And I can tell that I am much stronger than a lot of you weak women out there. When I go to the gym, I look around at all the girls on the machines struggling to make 25 pounds bounce up and down on the cord as they lift, curl, press or whatever it is they just can't do as well as me.

There are guys there too, but I don't look at them of course because they are dudes.

I look at the weak women with their soft bodies and perfumed flesh. Sometimes I feel like walking over to them and offering to lift the weight for them. Why strain yourself. Let me lift that for you honey. Where? Up and down? I can do that. How many times? Why don't you sit down and rest while I lift it. Such a pretty girl, you sit and watch me.

I feel that if I were to do this, the girl would see that the weight room is a waste of her time in the first place. A better use of time might be to just learn to carry a 30 pound bag of rice in your arms while shopping or sauteeing something - so you won't just have to sit home napping when you have your first baby - you will be able to do stuff. I like girls who do stuff.

Anyhow, as for the gym, I would prefer if the girls only used the stairmaster. Because being strong like me, when I get tired from my long workout, I like to see some in-shape girl butts in tights bouncing up and down the stairmaster. Overall, it is better as well because your butt will help you attract guys like me and seduce me into bed with you. If your butt is nice enough, I might even marry you, or let you cook for me.

And girls on the treadmill are annoying. You can not run faster than me so why try? And heck, the treadmill does not really go anywhere. If I wanted to grab you, I could, whether you were running on speed 4 or 6.5 (which as fast as girls can go (I can run on 7.5 without sweating)). Of course I won't grab you because we have a civilized society and it's not like it was like 50 years ago when men came back from hunting game and just grabbed women and mounted them wherever and whenever and everyone was happy and no one minded. But I think to myself, maybe she is learning to run so that she can flee danger. I guess that's a useful skill for girls who don't have men to protect them. But if you were dating me, I would kick danger's ass. You would not need to run scared you little weakling. You would only need to stand back about twenty feet and watch from behind the nearest wall, while I fight. So why don't you practice that. Get off the treadmill and practice standing behind the wall watching me.

The other thing I notice is all the emotions and the crying. God help me if I have to hear more crying. What, may I ask is the problem, anyway? Did someone say something to someone else or to you? Ah, that's it. That kind of stuff gets you every time. Personally I would be ashamed to be so weak. But I guess if I spent my time talking on my cell phone while at the gym or in the car(like a girl) trying to have nice hair and a sexy ass - I would cry a bunch as well.

I know you all are weak and emotional - but heck if you are not cute as kittens. So basically I am here to announce that I am available for one of you sexy girls with a nice ass. I could take more than one but its not like it was 50 years ago and all where I would have a bunch of you little darlings in a tent and a few off in another tent having your moon cycles together.

I suggest you write to me and tell me your good qualities and maybe tell me about yourself and all.


this is in or around nova

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