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Originally Posted: 2005-01-04 10:24am

Nostradamus predicts the coming year in DC


The prophet speaks, so gaze upon thine words ye shall see the future of this list for your mortal year two thousand five.....

Propechy #1

Thine weight of the heffer shall be discussed to no end

Prophecy #2

Ye level of service and the accompanying gratuity shall live on in endless debate

Prophecy # 3

Your unholy unity shall end and your heart will be cast aside to the four corners of the earth

Prophecy # 4

Thy fucketh buddy shall vanish without a trace

Prophecy # 5

The unwanted picture of the cock shall appear and it shall be gazed upon

Prophecy # 6

The fair maidens love advertisement shall be answered by those far and wide and of an unacceptable nature

Prophecy # 7

Opposing political parties shall war in flames

Prophecy # 8

No one shall readeth the outsource post

Prophecy # 9

He/she is really not that into thou

Prophecy # 10

Doth the man or the woman pay will be raised to endless proportions

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