Originally Posted: 2004-12-15 11:24am

favorite this post craptastic treadmill and stair master

My landlord wants these off my balcony asap.

The stair master needs to be oiled but it works I guess. You can move on it, it justs takes more effort but at least you get the workout right? I was never able to figure out the buttons and I have no idea how they work or if they even work right. This thing might be better for parts or if you like fixing these things up.

The treadmill, I'm not gonna lie, is the equivalent of throwing metal and horse shit into a blender. It looks legit but beauty is only skin deep. The owner lost the key that makes the shit actually work so I've been sticking pencils and nails into the slot. It "works" for the most part, and by works I mean you have to pull your hair out trying to figure out the epileptic buttons and once you do the belt, quite literally, slams into 20mph. Then once you've picked yourself up from being thrown against the wall, you scratch at your ass wondering how in God's name you were stupid enough to buy something like this. I don't know how someone can actually sell this crap for money and sleep with themselves at night. I think I pressured myself to buy it because I was afraid if I dropped out she'd send a bitchy note on CL telling everyone not to sell to me but I couldnt give a flying f*** at this point.

The treadmill also has the rails but the owner didn't give me screws for them so they are quite literally still sitting in my backseat. Both things "work" I guess but I honestly feel I'll burn in hell if I try to scam someone into actually giving me money for these things so please: if you don't care, want to work on it, want to loose holiday pounds for less, need the parts or enjoy shit, please come take these off my hands. Hah, I've lost more weight staring in comtempt at these things guzzling a bottle of Jack with a cigarette in the other hand.

Happy Holidays CL'ers

this is in or around nova

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