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That douchebag's post made me laugh out loud. I was also in for eight years, US Army, Field Artillery, so it wasnt in the supply room like our shit talking, pro invasion friend here. Real veterans hate war; this guy probably was booted out for DUI or whatever and now will have something to prove for the rest of his life by talking up war.

I signed up in December of '90 in anticipation of the Gulf War, was for the Bosnia intervention (tho I was there with the 1st AD from late 95-96) for the bombing of Belgrade to end the grip on Kosovo.

But after I got out, I protested this INSANE invasion, which as predicted, has turned into a major goatfuck with good men dying every day. Not to mention the civilians that never get mentioned. If you say shit like "my country right or wrong" you arent a patriot; you're a fucking stooge. There where plenty of stooges in the army, and there are the best people with the best character you would ever meet in your life.

I wasnt afraid of dicussing my progressive politics with whoever would listen, but most enlisted guys just talk about some ball game or chasing broads while waiting for first formation. But the officers could hold an intelligent conversation, and they were a very mixed group, politically due to having an education.

Lastly, I know that there are some great heroics and brave deeds going on in this major fuckup called Iraq. And like it or not, there are atrocities being commited against Iraqis by guys that don't give a shit. This isn't America hating liberalism; it's the God's honest truth. Go to http://news.bbc.co.uk and click on the Iraq blogs, get a clearer picture of what's really happening by people that are actually there. Ignore this clown and others like him that will parrot Rush Limbaugh and call it "liberal media conspiracy" like the Marine that blew the brains out of the unarmed POW in a mosque. What, you forgot all about that? Our enemies havent, and that few seconds of footage probably recruited thousands to seek revenge from all over the region.

This fucking bonehead will be the first to say "bomb em all, let God sort em out" or some stupid ignorant bullshit. They're part of our problem, because they see themselves as the truest patriots of them all.

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