Originally Posted: 2004-09-14 10:15am

porta jon for sale $1.00 - u pick up!!!!

Every dreamed of owning your own porta jon? Here's a once in a lifetime opportunity for a think out-side-the box kind of guy. Tired of hosting house parties only to find a line for your own dumper. Problem solved. This fully functional, giant blue box that the d.c. public works has left on my front steps may be your ticket to fame and fortune. I mean name one person in this city that has their own outhouse. Your friends will be amused and no doubt the ladies will be impressed. Are you a Phish fan in mourning? What better way to bring back all those memories of Goo-balls, X, and grilled cheese sandwiches on shakedown street. Or are you a die hard Redskins fan who's looking to out do the next chucklehead at the next tailgate party at Fed-Ex field? Maybe you're a buisness man looking for the next buck. Place this jon next to the jumbo slice in Adams morgan and just wait for the money to roll in? Any anti bush protestors out there? What a better way to say, "Dump Bush" at the next rally than with your own porta jon.
You'll need a large truck of some sort and some malt liquor. The booze is to entice the homeless people that have taken up residence inside. Overall condition is good, smells like hot poo, (even better on hot and windless days) and comes with two empty rolls of T.P. Pics available upon request. Will consider trade for urinal.

this is in or around mt. p

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