Originally Posted: 2004-06-07 10:36am

mc with my fake eye...

I never knew how much I really liked my fake eye untill it left me. After spending the past 11 years together we had become fairly close and for the most part took each other for granted. It was the kinda love I imagine old people have; spending afternoons together enjoying each others company, not having to say a word but just understanding. There was no need for painfull confessions of love where the one profesing is unsure if its the right time and the one being professed to is scared for thier life. I completed my fake eye by providing it a body and it completed me by providing a eye. Now that it is gone I am forced to revert to my old pirate ways. "Arrgh", "shiver me timbers", "walk de plank", "not all pirate treasure is made of gold". All these sayings come back to me like it was yesterday that I was sailing the seas searchin for jewls! Diamonds and emeralds! Gold! Pirate treasure man! In a word...booty. I mised my pirate days but to be perfectly honest I am a bit lonly without my fake eye and I wish it would come home. So if you see it out there in between the seat cushions on the metro, or in the weeds along the W&OD tell it to come home where it belongs.

this is in or around DC -> Reston

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