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favorite this post I didn't bust a nut because of your dog

Its not that you're bad at giving head. You have the basics down, no teeth, etc. I couldn't come because of your dog.

I understand it, I have a dog too. The intensity with which he watches us eat dinner is a little unnerving. Im sure by now dogs must instinctively understand that the masters' food is better, thus more desirable. Sometimes we would ponder: "what would he do if we sat around and ate dog food at the table while giving him steaks, would he still beg for scraps?"

Also, although I consider myself a dog lover, I hate small dogs. They have napoleon complexes, and never stop barking that bitchy high pitched bark they bark. Guys in general hate them, they are just not manly.

Anyways, back to my cock. I wasnt too bothered when your dog followed us as we moved from the sofa to your bedroom to continue our first session of making out. That probably has more to do with the fact that I was pretty sure I was about to get some despite your stern warning of "I'm not gonna sleep with you tonight." It was a little weird that he was on the bed with us, but understandable. Small dogs are needy. But it really got weird when you started blowing me and he just focused very intently on my cock as it went in and out of your mouth. I couldn't get into any of the sicko (too weird to admit even behind the perfect anonymity of CL) fantasies I require to orgasm because I knew that little fucker was just sitting there, licking his lips (I swear I saw him do it) watching you blow me and wondering god knows what.

When we tried to kick him out his barking was even more irritating.

So, its not that you're bad at giving head. (Did you believe my line: I have never come from a BJ, just not my thing? I'm proud of that one, came up with it on the spot and instantly knew I would use it in the future.)

this is in or around NOVA

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