Originally Posted: 2004-05-26 7:23pm

Cicada on third branch from the bottom - m4w

After 17 years underground sucking tree sap I finally saw you! Why did you fly off?

I emerged from my little shell, avoided those pesky birds, climbed that limb and there you were...You are gorgeous! Golden wings, thick black body with yellow stripes...and those red eyes. Hubba Hubba Hubba! The other billion or so cicadas in my tree ain got nothing on you.

Just as I was climbing up to your branch, some of my friends thought they would knock me down, you know, survival of the fittest and all. So I flopped on the sidewalk for a bit, flappin' my wings (you know how that goes) til some little kid felt kind enough to pick me up and set me on my feet. Bless your heart, young man. I've been hearing how your kind think it's funny to pull my wings off and stuff. Not. Funny.

So up I go again, dodging cars, landing on bushes and stuff, trying to find you again. I was so horny that I kept bouncing off that dumb house...fly...*whack*...flop around...*whack*. You know, love sure does make you do some stupid shit. I kept shouting at you ("ScreeeechScreeech") but all the other dumb ass cicada-playas in the tree were mocking me ("ScreeechclickclickclickScreeech") while my uncoordinated ass bounced all around the yard trying to get up to you.

Finally, destiny took hold and I flew up to your branch to profess my love for you. Then I got a close look--damn!!! You are one fine cicada! *SCRRREEEEEECH* I love you! That is one hot ovipositor! It's too bad I can't see you when we get it on...why did nature say that we had to face opposite directions?

Then you flew away! Why???? My evolutionary destiny to fuck and die was almost complete and then you flew away. Was it something I said? Was my screeching not good enough? My abdomen not big enough? I know fly into shit all the time, but please, why did you leave?

Come back, please. I'd fly in front of a car for you. This kind of love only comes around once every 17 years.

this is in or around big oak tree

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