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Originally Posted: 2004-05-20 2:55pm

Hey you! The guy that hates fat girls!

Yes, you. I know you. You're the male friend, friend-of-a-friend, acquaintance, coworker, or teammate that I've known for longer than a year. You've noticed something about me: I've lost weight. A lot of weight... about 60 pounds. And not just by some stupid fad diet. I've eaten right, I've exercised, and I took control of my health. I'm not a skinny girl in a flabby body. I'm trim and toned, I could kick your butt and just about anyone else's in my sports of choice. If you're a jogger, I could keep up. If you want to go climb a mountain, I'm ready.

I look good. I look really good. I turn heads everywhere I go. You've never thought about me "that way" before recently. I've watched as you've dated or slept with a progression of codependents, sluts, freaks, idiots, whiners, girls that are basically jobless, girls that use you, incredible bores, and undereducated twits who think acting stupid is a virtue. What makes them all alike? Well, as long as they don't open their mouths, they're hot. They have nice bodies and they look good on your arm. And you got so wrapped up in how good they looked that it wasn't until you'd let yourself get completely and utterly used and humiliated that you'd finally kick them to the curb... that is, if they didn't ditch you first. My friends and I LOVE to laugh behind your back at all the stupid girls you bring around, and how stupid it makes YOU look. You think all we saw is how hot they are, and what a hot shit that makes you, and you're wrong.

You've bitched to me, probably on more than one occasion, how there are "no good women" out there. Maybe you've even told me "you would look good if you lost weight," but I likely stopped speaking to you at that point. There's a very good chance that I heard, or overheard, you talking about how you hate lazy fat girls. In your mind, being overweight is absolutely the worst thing in the world. But now that I've lost weight, you're ready to step right in with the incessant flirting, the come-ons, the innuendo. You've asked me out. You've tried to invite me back to your place.

Well guess what, asshole. I'm not just hot. I'm also intelligent: well-read, informed, and educated with a degree from a good school. I can make you laugh. I transition well from a classy night on the town to watching football with you. I love spending time with you but would never infringe on your life (and I expect the same). I like trying new things. I'm willing to split the tab with you from date one-- I have a good job, and I'll have an even better job once I'm finished with my professional graduate degree from a top university (starting this fall). My late-model car I bought new is nearly paid off, every cent of it with my own money. I have my own place. My cute and friendly dog is the envy of everyone I know. My parents and siblings are cool as hell... just like me. My friends know me as honest, caring, patient, and loyal. I'm bragging openly here, but if you met me in person you'd never think of me as stuck-up. And yes, I'm damn good in bed.

You can see how much better I am than those other girls. You'd kill to date me. You'd kill to sleep with me. If you knew me well enough you'd probably want to marry me. But guess what, it's never going to happen. Maybe you're hot and maybe you have money (though probably not), but you're still the same shallow, tedious, ignorant, loser asshole that I knew a year ago. And I may have been a fat girl last year, but I was too good for you then, just like I'm too good for you now. So when you see me with someone you think you look better than, don't ask yourself why. Just know that because of the time I spent being overweight, I know that body and looks don't define my worth, or anyone else's. And that guy I'm with is fantastic in every way. He's also doesn't obsess about perfecting his looks daily, or ever tell me that I have to stay skinny, because he knows (and I know) there are more important things in life... like just about anything else you could think of.

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