Originally Posted: 2004-05-20 6:57am

My cat is cheating on me!!!

With a younger woman none the less!!! What did I do wrong? I thought everything was fine! Apparantly NOT! I let him outside yesterday morning. He was whining to go out, and hey, a guy needs his space so I was like, "Fine, I'll just spend my day off by MYSELF watching animal planet BY MYSELF" UGH! He didn't even respond. He just waltzed outside with that nonchalant little walk he does. JERK! Later in the afternoon I was out on my deck when I heard this high pitched whiny voice from next door: "OOHH, You're such a cute kitty" That bitch! I just know she was petting his tummy . . .and I bet he was just purring like crazy! What did I do wrong? I feed him, (and not that cheap crap cat food) I even give him little bits of tuna occasionally. I pet him all the time. I even rub under his chin, just the way he likes! I bet that slutty bitch next door can't rub his chin the way I can! I've NEVER nagged him for drinking out of the toilet or anything. GOD, I've put up with his snoring and drooling for six years and never once complained. All I've done is love him unconditionally . . . and this is what he does. He came back home later that night acting as if nothing had even happened! I was like "so what did you do today?" but the little bastard just started purring and rubbing his head against me. What should I do!?! I know I should just leave him, or take him to the pound or something, but despite everything I still love him!!

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