Originally Posted: 2004-04-14 2:35am

Guys in Dodge Neon with Racing Stripes and Hydraulics... - w4m

.... you have stolen my heart. I mean, it's not every day that you see a slammin ride like a dodge neon all souped up with a racing stripe and everything. That little picture of Calvin peeing on the Chevy logo really gave me chills. I think you even had those hubcaps that keep spinning when the car stops.

So me, a girl alone on a Saturday night, walking home from Adams Morgan...
And you, all four of you, pimping in your ride, crooked visors and wife beaters, to think you gave me the time of day...

You shouted out the window to me. I thought I was hearing things at first. What? A carload of hotties? Yelling at ME?

"HEY!" you shouted. "MAMACITA!"

Maybe I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe. I checked.

"Nice ass baaaaybeeee!"

I blushed. You were really checking me out. By the time I figured it out, you were already bobbing down the street, your Neon's neon-lit license plate speeding out of sight... the last I heard was the faint cry "What's your numbeeeeeer?"

How I wish I had had enough sense to run after you! I can't believe my luck, a blonde walking down the street alone, seduced by a car full of gold-toothed hotties. I just hope I can find you somehow...

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