Originally Posted: 2006-07-20 2:50pm

Dear WDC Craigslist

Work has always been boring as hell. Period. Until one day I needed to find an apartment here. So I turn to the free craigslist apartment listings because hey, i'm a cheap ass. I find the apartment, but see that craigslist has so much more to offer. My first accidental encounter was with the Casual Encounters section. Needless to say that is not a mistake I will make again. And finally I stumbled upon the Promised Land that is RnR.

How do you people do it? How do you all day in and day out manage to put forth so much unabided hate and cruelty, and not break down and just give some advice. Even myself, upon occasion, have given up trying to flame every and any topic and accidentally given an honest answer. I'm not proud of it, no sir. But it has happened. But you people never make that mistake. Need some advice on a relationship? Take a look at my cock instead. Pissed at work? You're just a worthless cockbite and you should kill yourself. It's these kinds of uninstigated, unmitigated flames that really make you people shine. How do you all manage to create topics of such insane inebriation that I doubt even you know what you're talking about? And the discrimination...the simply astounding level of discrimination. Day in and day out, there is a constant out pouring of every kind of discrimination. Niggers, fatties, midgets, honkies, spics, dagos, jews, bitches...it doesn't matter. You're all hated, and you all suck. All I hear is everyone bashing the racists for beings racists, but I think it's the racists who are the most fair because they hate everyone, where as all the racist-haters are a bunch of hypocrites who hate racists. You flaggers make me sick! And I can't even start on the trolls...you guys are the real heroes. Where otheres fail to instigate hate, you feed the hate-fire! So to you, apaulling, disgusting, absolute piece of shit DC CL RNR posters...I salute you, because without you, my ass would be bored at work everyday.

And I really hate chinks. Really. You tiny smart fucks.

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