Originally Posted: 2006-05-30 5:00pm

Look, a lot of chicks would be thrilled to catch me staring at them - m4w

So let's just get the embarrassing fact out on the table. Yes, I was staring at you on the Metro. Yes, to be more specific, at your taut, luscious breasts. True, I did pretend to drop my Blackberry so I could look up your skirt (and magenta is just about my favorite panty color!). And we can further stipulate that, at some point during my staring, I was, in fact, hard.

But there's so much more to me that you should know. I write poetry. I read to the elderly. I give to Amnesty International.

And I am incredible in the sack. Incredible.

Please, oh please fair Metro beauty, don't hold my lewdness against me. Yes, I undressed you with my eyes. And yes, in my fantasy I had you bent over the lap of the half-asleep old guy beside you, from which position I mercilessly diddled you to the shocked cries of our fellow passengers. I'm sorry it was so obvious. I knew I should have whacked off in the shower this morning.

But be that as it may, can't you give our love a chance? I'm willing to overlook the bird you shot me as you got off the Metro; can't you overlook my totally inappropriate boner? Isn't love worth it?

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