Originally Posted: 2006-04-07 10:28am

Going Down....

So as I began to go down excitement filled my body. Will this be a new experience? Or will it just be a ho-hum everyday occurrence I thought this time might be special, so I decided to take my time descending and look for ques from her. Will this take 2 minutes...12 minutes...20 minutes...? So I mover forward and started toward the tunnel. I closed my eyes and tried to block out everything around me. I concentrated. I moved with her direction. Most of the time I moved with her, at times, I moved a little against her. Many times I would subtly switch direction in order to make things easier. We were progressing smoothly and suddenly she shook and shook again, and then stopped. I waited for her regain her motor skills and off she raced again. Faster. FASTER. We had been at this for at least 20 minutes and I could sense she was she had almost arrived. Faster, moving slight;y side to side, she began swaying so forcefully, that I had to grab ahold for fear of losing balance. Faster. Suddenly she arrived and she came to a complete halt. She seemed satisfied with the performance. I was sure she would tell me I was the best she had ever had. She opened her mouth to say something.... momentarily speechless...then she says ever so roboticly

"Doors closing" I am disappointed. I feel used. Unappreciated. But like any scorned lover, I will be back Monday, excited, for this time it might be different.

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