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Originally Posted: 2005-12-04 11:26pm

Topics on Rants and Rave I can't get enough of:

*Illegal immigration and Mexicans. Fascinating! Can't get enough. Really. The posts about the studies documenting Mexicans low IQs, the media articles about invasion, the same fucking photo of the Latino men grabbing their crotch, all of it is worth repeating, over and over, until I feel like drowning in pleasure.

*How much you hate dating. Really?! Me! Fucking! Too! Wait a sec. Did you post the personal that you're comfortable in jeans and a black dress, that you're looking for someone funny, that they have to be successful but not obsessed with their career? Didja? Because I think I know who you are.

*Indians stink/Asian women are inherently better/Jews have formed a dangerous cabal in the government/Muslims are terrorists/Black and Latinos are stupid and lazy/Whites are racist. Each single one of these posts, on these topics, has brought fresh insight into the human condition. Thank you.

*I'm bored. Well expressed, descriptive, insightful. Can never understand why these posters are so bored. I mean, who wouldn't want to entertain them?

*Flash Friday. The excitement of seeing the naked image of an adult woman on the Internet is titilating! I can't get enough!

It's time for a break. I think I'm going to find something other to occupy my time when I procrastinate. I'm simply too, too happy here.

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