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The gift in the dressing room. - m4w

Love....it is a mother fucker. I thought real love was only in the movies.

That was until you walked greasily into my life.

It was at a certain outlet store that is not located in, not even close, Potomac Mills. You were alone and smelled of old gym clothes in the rain and a faint mist of imitation CK 1 from a gas station. A dangerous combination of seduction and allure. You floated through the store leaving your smear of animal sultriness on everything you came into contact with. I followed you with the intent of making my move the second you noticed me. Alas, my chance came as you approached the dressing room with 3 dresses from the clearance rack. The dresses you chose reminded me of the tarps used to cover the finest of cars. Upon reaching the dressing rooms I noticed that 2 other fellow employees had became as enamored as I had. You siren! They too were intriqued as to why a lady of your calibur would grace our store. As you were granted access to the fitting rooms I had the anticipation of a groom waiting to see his bride. The idea of all that fabric touching your body sent feelings through me the likes I had only felt in high school after too much Everclear. What seemed like hours was only about 17 minutes. You left with the urgency of a woman called to duty of the utmost importance. I envisioned you as a doctor or paramedic, maybe. It wasn't until the sales cleck informed me that only 2 dresses were returned to her that I knew this wasn't the last of you I would see. I ventured into the dressing room with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning. The room was empty except for the smell of passion only rivaled by that of Bigfoot's dick. Under the bench was the 3rd dress. Balled up and containing the piece of you that I was to find. It was as though you had been holding that gift for days, just for a special person like myself to discover. From that rainy day 1 week ago I still think of my angel of mercy. Giving of herself so selflessly. If you read this please return to my store and let me have the closure I need.

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